How Birdies Works

5 05 2011

The way Birdies for Charity works is for charitable organizations to obtain flat dollar donations OR pledges of 1 cent or more for every “birdie” made during the John Deere Classic.

Birdies for Charity will donate ALL money received to participating charities. All administrative or promotional costs of the program are paid by John Deere. All the money goes to participating charities!

Each person who makes a pledge to Birdies for Charity has an opportunity to guess the exact number of birdies that will be made at the John Deere Classic. The one person who guesses the exact number will win the grand prize. Over 500 other great prizes also are awarded.

Individuals and business leaders also have joined Birdies for Charity to raise money for their favorite charities.

Each “Bird” solicits pledges on behalf of their favorite charity. Birdies for Charity then collects the pledges and donates all money received to the charity written on the pledge card. The more a Bird collects, the more his or her charity receives.

Participating charities must be a publicly supported charitable group recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) organization.

If an individual would join Birdies for Charity and raise 100 pledges at 1 cent each, the individual’s charity of choice would receive approximately $2,000. The individual would have no risk or expenses and the individual’s donors would have a chance at a car or other great prizes.

Sign up to enroll your non-profit organization.




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