Back for More with Reilly Smith, First Tee of the Quad Cities Junior Course Reporter

9 07 2011

Day One at the John Deere Classic started off great with perfect weather. Throughout the day we watched some of the pros tee off. I was amazed at how far and fast the golfball would go. Also, we learned some very interesting facts about the “ins and outs” of some golf clubs. We interviewed club maker Rusty Estes about the new styles of golf clubs. He said that wood drivers and clubs are long gone; that they will never come back. We found out that longer putters are coming into style instead of shorter putters. Rusty said that the pros like the longer putters better than the shorter putters because they have more control. What I found interesting was that the technology for making clubs hasn’t really changed in the 20 years that he has been making golf clubs.

As the day went on we watched more professionals play and walked some of the holes as we were watching. I talked to volunteer Chris Nowack and asked her a few questions about what it is like to volunteer at the John Deere Classic. To become a volunteer all you have to do is sign up on a website. She told me that she has to get up everyday at four in the morning to be able to get to the Classic by six am. She works a lot of hours everyday from 6 am-2 pm. Chris said that she likes to make sure that everyone that she helps out has a great time and good experience. She told me that she likes to help out because she thinks it’s a great event and that it is good to support the Quad Cities.

I also was able to interview a photographer by the name of Greg Boll. He said that he has been taking pictures for 25 years; first with the Quad City Times and then stared working with the John Deere Classic a few years ago. Greg told me that the third hole is hazardous, with a hard walk up the hill (and that’s why he now has a cart). He says that he is very happy to take pictures of golf because not a lot people like to do it. His favorite hole to take pictures on is hole 18 but only if it has a good crowd along with it. Boll also told me that the best thing about working and taking pictures at the John Deere Classic is that he gets paid very well.

It was a very good and successful day at the first day of the John Deere Classic. So far the leader of Day 1 of the John Deere Classic is Kris Blank with the score of 63. He birdied the last five holes and is eight under par. We all had fun, and my partner, Claire, and I had great experience and wish we could do it again next year. Good luck to the pros for their second day of the John Deere Classic!




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